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Pastor Kim is available to speak in your church about Tree of Life living and ministry. When churches operate out of the Tree of Life they are positive, healthy congregations that attract people. When a church operates out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they love God, but their internal culture is not healthy. New people come and go, and the back door is as wide as the front. The spirit of death subtly operates in the congregation, and underneath gossip, criticism and judging become the characteristics of the group. When churches walk in the Tree of Life, an innocence prevails, and people are relaxed and happy because the internal culture is for them, and speaks life into their spirits and hearts. Pastor Kim presents this material in a very positive, exciting way.

With main-line churches either stagnant in growth or in decline, and growing churches getting upwards of 90% of their growth through transfers – we have a serious problem in North American Christianity. Kim presents the common problems leading to Christian burnout, and shows clearly that this trend can be reversed.

Having helped an entire denomination walk out of religion and into the glorious grace and love of Jesus, Kim has first hand experience with the forces that lead to apathy, fatigue, disillusionment, exhaustion and dropping out. When disillusionment creeps into the life of a believer, it is because they have believed in an illusion. Fatigue, cynicism and finally spiritual bankruptcy occur, and the church member or pastor may throw up his/her hands and pronounce that Christianity just doesn’t work. Try some preventive medicine and have Kim speak to your congregation! When a leader is suffering you can be assured the congregation is also suffering.

In the world of pastoral burnout little is said about wives of ministry leaders that also end up disenfranchised, wounded and left lonely and empty. Kathy addresses these issues at women’s conferences, ladies’ clubs, seminars and congregations. Kathy presents the healing power of the Father’s unconditional love and new hope for the ladies of your congregation.

Contact or 918-919-1490.

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

pastor-ted-bWe live in an interesting time. Glitz and flash attract the multitudes and sell the products. Bigger is considered better and having a big name in a church is considered an endorsement from the Throne of God. This is very unfortunate. This mindset would have kept most Pastors from inviting Jesus Himself to their churches for “He had no form or comeliness; and … no beauty that we should desire Him”. Isa. 53:2 Yet, the message He was, and lived, was and is life changing.

Kim and Kathy Wenzel are simple people. The message they preach in one directly from where they live and lived. They did not come into our church spouting a warmed over version of someone else’s teachings and experiences. Their word of discovery, recovery, and victory is fresh and comes from personally experiencing such first hand. Their ability to untangle the complexities of church-ianty and express the simplicity of Christianity is refreshing and applicable. All benefit, from the new convert to the seasoned saint.

Kim and Kathy’s message breathes life directly into the hearts of the saints. The church in turn, is able to apply the message to their own lives and the lives of others immediately. Our church became happier, stronger, and better equipped to respond to the affairs of life with Life. All of our church received truth, but my wife and I received much more. We received friends.

Do not miss an opportunity to make a friend and equip the saints all at the same time. Feel free to call me if you have questions.

A Servant Among Equals,

Pastor Ted

Celebration Family Church
Rev. Ted & Vicki Brancheau