Four-Day Travel Seminar

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Kim and Kathy will travel to your church and do a four day event for staff, and teaching for the congregation on the weekend. These times allow for great fellowship and encouragement for the whole congregation. These four day seminars are filled with lots of great teaching, and talking and sharing God’s love. Call us for more details 918-919-1490.

Quarterly Seminars

Our quarterly Tree of Life seminars are valuable to everyone, not just ministry leaders. You are invited to join us for an information packed weekend at a reasonable cost. For these seminars we use Sky Ranch’s new retreat camp just three miles down the road from our retreat center. Accommodation is very reasonable and the camp is beautiful. The seminar weekend includes:

  • Six meals
  • Two nights accommodation
  • 8 hours of teaching
  • Great worship time
  • Prayer time
  • Wonderful fellowship and new life long friends!
  • Cost: $300 per couple or $150 for single

Seminar Topics

Why Do I Feel Disillusioned?

Has your Christianity not lived up to the billing? Do you still feel empty and not sure why?

Elijah, Asaph, and the Road to Emmaus

There is so much to learn about burnout, God and recovery from these Biblical examples.

Religion, A Return to Bondage

We are to live in New Covenant relationship with God, so why do so many want to remain in the bondage of religion.

Truly Understanding the New Covenant

The Adamic, Noatian, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants were great, but do not compare with the glory of the New Covenant in Jesus blood. The New covenant is “new” in more ways than one.

Old Way of the Written Code – New Way of the Spirit

Leaving behind the old blessings/cursings linearity, and truly walking forward in the new way of the Spirit seems difficult for so many. The end result is often disillusionment and spiritual fatigue. Discover the new way of the Spirit, and relax!

Tree of Life Living

Many worship God with all their heart, mind and strength – from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Jesus is inviting us to live in the tree of life. Do you know the difference?

Resting in Jesus’ Spirit

Jesus wept over the confused masses following religion, and invited them to come and “rest” in him. Why, for so many, is “rest” an action verb?

Forgiveness – A Key to Healing

Forgiving those people who contributed to our pain is an act of faith in Jesus. Do we understand that faith?

Worshiping Through the Pain

When the pain and disillusionment become nearly over-whelming, it is easy to drop worship. Yet, it is part of this journey you are currently on.

Our Role in Helping Others

You are at the greatest time of your personal growth – believe it or not – in the painful hell you now find yourself. Yet, there will come a time when you and I will reach out like Good Samaritans to the many bloodied and abused believers.

To book, call 918-919-1490. We look forward to meeting you and loving you.