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Help Your Pastor

If you are a church leader or concerned lay-member that is looking to help a hurting leader or pastor in your church, this web site and this page in particular will be of help to you. There is much you can do, and your efforts will impact the entire congregation. You can be a catalyst for saving the health of the congregation and the pastoral team. (Read more…)

Help for Pastor’s Wives

Pastor’s wives also suffer when pastors burn-out. We have several excellent articles to help you through any difficult times when your spouse is suffering. (Read more…)

Life Coaching

You need a lot more than an academic understanding of the Tree of Life, as you move into the rest of your life and ministry. We need to help your spirit heal. We need to gain Father’s vision of your destination and help you to develop toward it. Nothing happens fast, and along the road the adversary is waiting to push you back into the ditch of bitterness and hopelessness. (Read more…)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When PTSD occurs at once it is usually because of some great stress experience that was a kin to war or terrorism. In other words, your life was at stake literally. But PTSD (complex) can occur after a long period of stress we sometimes call “bullying.”We hate to say it, but it does occur in churches, by the board, the influential members, the denominational leaders, etc. (Read more…)

Powerful Prayers for Hurting Leaders

We can be in such pain and depression we find prayer extremely difficult or impossible. I have always found it helpful to have a prayer I could read to get me started, and from there inspiration would often take over. On really down days the written prayer itself was all I could read. (Read more…)

Recovery Retreat

You will have many hours of free time to wander the woods, sit under a tree and pray, or go floating down the river in an inner tube. Sleep until noon if you like, or arise early to try and spot the owl hooting outside your bedroom window. Stay up late and sit by the river’s edge listening to the coyotes howl and yip. (Read more…)


Kim and Kathy will travel to your church and do a four day event for staff, and teaching for the congregation on the weekend. These times allow for great fellowship and encouragement for the whole congregation. These four day seminars are filled with lots of great teaching, and talking and sharing God’s love. (Read more…)