10 Reasons Why Leaders Flame-out!

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10 Reasons Why I Believe Leaders Flame Out! July 27, 2010

By Pastor Perry Noble   www.newspring.cc








#1 – They feel like have something to prove…and so instead of becoming obsessed with God’s greatness they become obsessed with their own.



#2 – They have a hard time accepting Gods grace…thus throwing themselves into an achievement based mentality.  They think the more they accomplish the more God loves them – despite what is written in Ephesians 2:8-9


#3 – They feel like rest is sin…despite the LONGEST command in the 10 commandments being the one on rest!  (Leaders…Isaiah 30:15…READ IT NOW!!!)



#4 – They do not trust the leaders around them…thus they feel like they need to do it all.  (We were not called to do life and ministry alone!)



#5 – They are unwilling to ask for help…thinking that doing so is a sign of weakness, when in actuality it is a sign of strength!


#6 – They fear man way more than they fear God…thus becoming obsessed with “their” expectations rather than HIS!  (SEE Proverbs 29:25)



#7 – An unwillingness to repent of sin…instead of doing so they become obsessed with pointing out the sins of others!



#8 – They do not allow their identity to be established in Christ but rather in how many people they having attending/giving to their church/ministry.



#9 – They refuse to care for their own family and begin to recite the ridiculously stupid phrase, “I take care of the church and God will take care of my family.”  Dude…the church is HIS bride, not yours!!!



#10 – They get consumed with fighting the wrong battles.  Christian leaders fight over the most ridiculous things…and doing so ALWAYS drains the life out of them!  We should fight for what Jesus fought for–period–and leave the rest alone.

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  1. Emma

    I think another reason is we have taught the flock that leaders are to do everything. So you have a select few who are actually supporting the leaders. I have been in leadership 10 years and frequently we would ask for volunteers. People would commit then flake, or not volunteer at all. I don’t think there are many leaders who want to do it all and I have seen pastors beg people to help and they flat out refuse. So must churches have a “you must serve to be a member,” which is sad because every follower of Jesus is called to serve. We are servants not consumers, yet we have set up in Western Culture a “serve me” mentality in the church and then wonder why leaders burn out. Leaders are a part of the Body, they are not the Body. We need every member to do his or her part.

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