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Many of you, after a period of healing and enlightenment, may very well return to full-time ministry in the world of organized religion. For those who do, we wish to bless you and hope you will help change the church in dramatic and life-giving ways. Our prayers go out for you.

For others, the day has come when you can not stomach an institutional church again. Something very deep in your spirit tells you this really isn’t a good represetation of Jesus on this earth. After all these years of serving and sacrificing, you see little for all that effort and giving. You may be weary of the politics, human culture and humanism that has infected the church over tha last two thousand years.

House Church:For some of you, the house church may be the answer – maybe! Maybe not! Yes, in the current world-wide house church movement more than 120,000,000 people participate. But if you approach house church in the same manner as institutional church, you will have the same issues, and nothing will change. The experience that is the community of the Triune Godhead will still be absent.

For more info on house churches check out the following links:

Tree of Life House Church Network – TOLHCN.COM Great info on doing house church. Questions – call Kim at 918-919-1490.

Frank Viola and his ministry – www.ptmin.org Lot’s of good books helping you understand the institutional church and house churches.

Wayne Jacobsen and Lifestream – www.lifestream.org  You need to know God still loves you. This site will change your life.

Gene Edwards Ministry – geneedwards.com  If you have never read A Tale of Three Kings, The prisoner in the third cell – you need to now! I mean NOW! 

This is a start and we will add more in time. Your help in developing these pages is much appreciated. Father’s blessings upon you!

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