How Do I Earn A Living Now?

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You probably never expected to find yourself here, unemployed by church termination or resigned with a case of – “I never thought the ministry was like this.” You are not alone. If you have read our web site you know 1,000 to 1,500 church leaders a month, every month, step away from their posts. On this page we hope to give you some very basic advice. Since so many of you will read this material in different states of emotional turmoil, the value of the material will vary for each person.


Never say never! Yes, you may now be middle aged with teens, and debts. But it may not be too late to go back to school! For some of you, it may not work out, but for others many Government programs will help pay your way. For some who wish to remain in a helping field, becoming a certified life-coach may be a possibility. If you consider coaching or a counseling position (Master’s degree), remember you will be entering back into a field that works with the human spirit and heart. For a few of you, that would not be a good direction.

Since the average burnout point in pastoring is between 22 and 27 years, many of you will feel there is nothing else you can do for employment. That simply is not true. One of the reasons you feel disillusioned is because you have anchored yourself to some illusions. Now it is time to live in truth, and the truth is you can do many different jobs or careers. I do not know the exact stat, but I have read somewhere that ten years after graduation, something like 50% or more of college grads are working in a field other than their university major or degree. May I suggest, since I know only too well, that ministry continues after termination, it is my suggestion you seriously consider doing a job or business you dreamed of perhaps, if you were never in ministry. What I am saying is, you do not need to feel guilty for not working full-time in paid ministry. You have years of experience, and Father will use you whenever He needs you, so relax, and do something perhaps you have always dreamed about.

At one point in time I studied for and passed with a very high grade, the Canadian Mutual Funds Advisers Course to be a mutual fund rep. I sometimes wonder if I should have done that, and enjoyed ministry as a gift-driven sideline.

Below are links to pages with suggestions for temporary or even permanent employment.

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