Trusting Father’s Love

Sep 30, 2009 by

Father, I honestly don’t feel very free right now. I hurt from rejection and disillusion. I never thought the church would wound me this bad. I know you love me, but I feel trapped in my own pain.


Father, help me to rest in Jesus spirit. Help me to feel and experience your unconditional love. Let me not get caught up in the trap of trying to earn your love. I have come to understand it is only at those times I truly trust in your love that I am free. Any time I doubt or feel that you have rejected me like people do, and I am back to human struggling. At those times, please Holy Spirit, remind me that Father’s love is unconditional. I can do nothing to make Him love me any more than he already does. Help me to remember and fully trust that eternal truth. The weekend is coming again, Jesus, and I am going to trust in your grace and Father’s love to see me through. No matter what happens this weekend, Lord Jesus, let me bathe and walk in Father’s love. Let that trust in Father’s love strengthen me and change me from the inside out. Thank you Jesus, in your own great name we pray! Amen!

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  1. cjniya

    If you are now a father or a mother, what is the thing you want to do most? As now I became a mother, I suddenly understand why my father did those things for me.
      When I was a little girl, my mother left us for some unknown reason and according to my analysis, I insisted on the result that my father did something wrong to my mother. So I just tried my best to fight with my father. Every day he came home from work late, but he would come to my room and give me a good night kiss. Sometimes I knew he just wanted to tell me something but I kept my eyes closed and pretended as I slept. Every weekend he just tried his best to plan some exciting trips for me. But I always showed no interesting on them. And about four or five years later, one day he brought a woman home. And I realized that he might want to start a new family, so from that day, I refused to talk to him or eat anything. I even pinned the picture of Snow White’s step mother on my door. I thought I did make my statement clearly and that woman dismissed from our life then.    I was a destroyer of my father’s life. When I went to high school, I began to stay outside over night. And I even took part in the parties like anti-parents, also I left the <a href=””>rubber wristband</a> in some place he could see. I just wanted to let him know one thing, I hate him. I did not know why I hate him, maybe just for my mother’s French leaving. I knew it was his fault, but I just did not know how to express my sadness. Then I did not know how to express my sorrow to my father.

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