Help Us With Your Love, Father

Sep 30, 2009 by

Father in heaven, the most high. Father we thank you for the many different ways you show us your unconditional love. Yes, it is true that at times we doubt, and at times we feel you are withholding your love, but deep in our hearts and spirit we know that is not true. We really do know that in the final reality you are the only one that will not withhold love. Your care and concern for us goes far beyond our understanding, and we want your love to touch us in the most tangible ways.


Help us Jesus to feel Father’s love. Help us to see it with our eyes, and sense His love with our spirit. As this week progresses, we look for your love in each and every day. Help us to express our love for you, in praise and worship and a thousand other ways. Thank you Lord! Amen

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