The Blood Covenant

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Today, many westerners get upset with life’s circumstances. We are sometimes led to believe that life should work well and everything should be blessed of God, once we become a Christian. Many churches even imply you are doing something wrong if you are not blessed abundantly. Scripture states the opposite.

While we partake in Christ’s sufferings, while we enter the Kingdom through much tribulation, while many diverse trials come upon us, let us remember the very nature of the blood covenant. Father has made a blood covenant with us through our Lord Jesus, and it is the defining relationship we have with our God.

In the modern western world we put little stock in covenant. It is little more than a word from another age. In our marriage covenants, we promise to stick with our mate until death separates us, but the minute we are unhappy we drop them like hot potatoes. In El Paso county here in Colorado Springs the divorce rate is now running 70%.

I put it to you, if we fully understand the level of commitment found in the blood covenant we have with Father, we will have greater spiritual strength, and more willingness to let go and put all trust in God. We may give a lot of lip service to trusting in God but it is amazing how much we also rely on our own strength and wits. Both Genesis 15 and Jeremiah 38 give us good understanding of the blood covenant agreement. An animal, or animals, are selected, and they are then split in two and the parts separated on the ground. As you can imagine, the ground ends up soaked in blood. The two individuals making covenant come together in the center of the split animal surrounded by all the bloody flesh. It is a powerful ceremony. By standing in this circle of bloody flesh they are stating that if they break covenant, they should be cut in half like the slaughtered animal. They are stating that they agree to the terms of the covenant until death takes their lives. In the ancient world this covenant was totally binding. It is not an easy concept to the western mind.

Often, the individuals would cut themselves on the right arm, and join the two wounds, and their blood would mingle.

The New Covenant in the blood of Jesus is even more powerful. Jesus came and represented mankind in the covenant with Father. When we drink the blood, and eat the flesh of our Lord Jesus we are entering into the covenant agreement. Father will never draw back from the blood covenant agreement. For Him it is utterly unthinkable. We can walk forward boldly, putting trust in the covenant agreement.

There are times in our lives when the only thing left to believe in is the blood covenant love of Father, His character and promises. Those three truths give me strength when I feel very down and discouraged. Life is not meant to work from our selfish viewpoint, but it does work from God’s perspective. The dry, lonely desert works really well from Father’s viewpoint, bringing us back to the basic blood covenant, and His great commitment to that covenant. The desert brings us back to the love found in that blood covenant. If you have just been terminated or resigned your post, take the Lord’s Supper frequently for the next several weeks. Rehearse the power of the blood covenant Jesus made with you, and you with the Father. Rehearse the covenant love that surpasses all understanding. Rehearse the character of Father and Jesus. Take the time to study the blood covenant between David and Jonathan, and read our article on that relationship that clearly helps us understand the New Covenant! God bless you!

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    Thank you for leaving this site up –I just happened upon it as I was browsing –the discovery has truly added a blessing to my day. May God bless you richly in all that you do in His Name.

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    This website is still ministering to those k of us who are weary. Thank you for your obedience and love for God’s people.

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