Stress, Burnout – Quick Overview

Dec 27, 2008 by

By Dr. Arch Hart

Burnout – characterized by disengagement.
Stress – characterized by overengagement.

Burnout – emotions are blunted.
Stress – emotions become over-reactive.

Burnout – exhaustion affects motivation and drive.
Stress – exhaustion affects physical energy.

Burnout – produces demoralization.
Stress – produces disintegration.

Burnout – can best be understood as a loss of ideals and hope.
Stress – can best be understood as a loss of fuel and energy.

Burnout – depression is caused by the grief engendered by loss of ideals and hope.
Stress – depression is caused by the body’s need to protect itself and conserve energy.

Burnout – produces a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.
Stress – produces a sense of urgency and hyperactivity.

Burnout – produces paranoia, depersonalization and detachment.
Stress – produces panic, phobic, and anxiety-type disorders.

Burnout – may never kill you, but your long life may not seem worth living.
Stress – may kill you prematurely, and you won’t have enough time to finish what you started.

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