Fired! or Rescued by God?

Dec 27, 2008 by

When your world and ministry comes crashing down, you can feel very hurt and deeply betrayed. You may be willing to admit you were wrong in a number of ways, but those who pushed you out were also well off base and handled the situation poorly.

This can be the time when you walk away from the church so disillusioned you think you may never return. The masks they all wore when they carried out your termination seemed so obvious. The feigned concern they showed after they had spoken wrong about you behind your back – all of it was so sickening. But then came the clincher. After telling you all the things you did wrong, and listing all the people you have hurt, they look you straight in the eye and say, “We will always love you and pray for you.” Oh, please!

We walk away knowing we made mistakes, but wondering how people we served and sacrificed for could turn on us and wound us so deeply? But, wait, maybe we are looking at this whole situation too closely! Maybe we can’t see the forest for the trees!

Instead of looking at this as the end, perhaps it is a whole new beginning orchestrated by God himself! Sure, why not? Instead of seeing only a group of arguing fighting Christians who are caught in their own prision of bitterness – giving you the axe, perhaps this whole event is God reaching into your life and rescuing you from a lifeless church going nowhere fast. This is very likely if you have been developing, listening to God and growing ever closer to him. Just because you have spent twenty years in a given organization doesn’t mean you are still on the same playing field as the organization.

In my case, God came along and opened my mind and heart into a new dimension from the legalistic denomination I was serving in. Over a two year period God revealed grace, faith, worship, praise and freedom to Kathy and I in a way we never understood before. We fell so deeply in love with Jesus we could not help but walk forward in the direction the spirit led us. When we were attacked, labelled, and eventually fired by our church we certainly felt hurt. But, after a time of thought I realized we had no future with that group, and God was rescuing us for new and different ministry opportunities. Living in Colorado Springs and attending New Life Church is like living on a different planet compared to where we were a few years ago with the previous group.

When this is the case you can feel love and pity for those who attacked you. It was you who no longer fit in. You now are the outsider, and it is the Lord Jesus who is moving you on to new pastures. For better or worse, those sheep with the sharp teeth back in the old church are still there, protecting the way things have always been! God is working with them on a different time schedule than yours. Don’t slide into bitterness toward them, but rather thank Jesus for the life-saving rescue that has opened new doors for your service toward him.

Certainly, if you were terminated for adultery, stealing money or preaching heresy, then you are reaping what you have sown. Your demise is not God rescuing you from a bad church. Maybe you were falsely accused of such things and had to leave the accusers behind. We still want to encourage every one of you and love you all we can at Smoldering Wick Ministry. Your future and ministry are still extremely important, and we want to help and encourage you.

Regardless of how you ended up in your present state, the past is the past. Tomorrow is another day, and you are a child of God looking forward to eternity. Rest, have fun. Love Jesus, shout for joy! Look into the future and ask Jesus what he wants you to do next. God bless everyone of you!

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  1. Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important factor?

  2. What a facinating article. I’m looking for a NLP expert to help with a project, who’s your mentor?

  3. Debra

    Rest? Have fun? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. We lost our income, our home, and our reputation last night, not by any immoral act … but at the hands of gossips.

    We are broke and broken. I cannot see the light. Rest and have fun? I can’t. We have four children and need a job.

    Never, never, NEVER tell someone, “God bless you” and keep walking. NEVER.

  4. Christopher Crane

    See, I can certainly understand the perspective from whence you speak.  It’s an angle I could wrap my mind around after a few years.  But let me give you this one – it’s verbatim what I went through – destroyed.  Did nothing wrong.  Accused of everything under the sun by wonderful, “Christian” saints.  I was accused of affairs I didn’t have.  Money I didn’t steal, and even had an internal audit to prove there was no wrongdoing, but no apology was ever offered.  My wife was accused of being addicted to drugs, and tested negative for any substance – either illegal or prescription.  My fourteen year old daughter, though a virgin, was labeled a whore.  Then, my family was “starved out” – no attendance, and no money.  The denomination stepped in, and my family was displaced on December 21st, 2009 – just four days before Christmas.  No job.  No help.  No cares.  I remember posting something on my Facebook page stating that I didn’t feel much like celebrating Christmas this year.  One of these wonderful “saints” chimed in, “How could a so-called ‘Christian’ not celebrate Christmas?!”  I replied, “I don’t know, Sue (name changed to protect the guilty).  Maybe it’s the fact that my family was made homeless and jobless one week before Christmas.  Maybe it’s the fact that my children won’t have presents to open this year.  Maybe it’s because instead of having a hope and a future, we’re applying for food stamps and public assistance.”  She quickly deleted her ignorant comment.  But it was too late, the damage was already done.  It’s not possible to see a silver-lining in the clouds of a hurricane.  But after a time, once the winds have ceased to blow, you can see God’s hand in all of it.  But I prefer to believe that God allowed it… not that He caused it.  If God would cause such hurt to children, 12 and 14, then perhaps I never knew Him at all.

  5. Chris

    I. empathize with the last two bloggers. I was there over a year ago, feeling cheated, unloved, betrayed. I had worked hard in my pastorate of almost eight years, but I was working with a group who had a recent history of rising up against the pastor. I thought I had beat it, and then it all came crashing down and they refused to allow me to go on sick leave until my denomination stepped in. They begrudgingly gave me three months sick leave, but all feelings of belonging to the group disappeared, including my name from the prayer list. I felt cut off.Then I found a beautiful but faulty African church (I am a caucasian  pastor) which embraced me and kept me active, not letting me forget my calling while they ministered to me. They had a new pastor come shortly after that, and he asked if I would serve as an adviser to him. We are the same age and have ministered for about the same time, but he is new to our country. Slowly but surely I healed bit by bit.I now realize it was me who did not fit! I had outgrown my former church. There were things God was revealing to me that they just were not ready for, and, in their own words, they preferred milk rather than meat. It took me a long time to come to the point where I agreed with Kim, but looking back I can see how God indeed rescued me. And maybe you will once the impact of the hurt lessens. By the way, I am presently re-entering ministry with a group that needs exactly what the Lord was preparing me for, that needs the tools He was instilling at that time. I can now say wholeheartedly, “Thank you, God!”

  6. This posting was tweeted by Themelis Cuiper, Google search result AD visionary, so you must be doing a cool job!

  7. Bishop Donley

    I recently had to leave my church due to health. Someday I will tell my story after 33 years of ministry in several churches. Being called and anointed to be a pastor is awesome. Having to pastor a church with people can be dangerous.

  8. About a year and a half ago I was let go from a youth ministry andworship leading position. I knew 2 years prior that it was time to go butfear regarding provision and the pride of self-assessed value motivated meto stay. Behind the scenes was bullying and being told I was too old. Publiclyit was a “money” thing. This article speaks volumes to me because it reminds me that Father loves us too much to let us remain where we do not belong.

  9. mommydora

    God hasn’t decided what my husband is suppose to do yet. He is rescuing him by having his current church push him out, but we have no direction and the state of jobs for a 60 year old not ready to retire is scary. There are not many ministry jobs available in his denomination. There is no way we can move for a church, our grown children are here and my job is here which would be hard to replace somewhere else. Is God going to let us know his plan for us? when? We are soon to be without income, except for mine and it doesn’t pay all the bills. We need God’s guidance soon.

  10. Denise

    thank you for this post. I was rescued by God. At times it is still painful and I try my best not to allow bitterness and resentment build up. The lost of income and dry brooks has been hard. Yet God still has made provisions. It has been rough, loss of friends, people treating you different. I truly believe God uses this time to work upon us and have us experience situations we never thought we would encounter. Yes, we may read about them, but never thing it would happen to me. Broke, all savings gone, no medical, dental coverages, no life insurance, services, no advance notice, liquidating retirement funds, filing for Medicaid, food stamps, borrowing from persons knowing you may never be able to pay them back, collections of I owe you, once good credit to bad credit, the list goes on…. Yet God is still in control and the new lessons learned has strengthen my faith and open doors to real conversations, stories of my own struggles and how God continues to breakthrough them. This journey has not been easy and some days I still cry, yet my tears are praise for God removing me from an toxic, clergy killer environment. Better things are on the horizon, I just have to keep the faith and know God is still working it all out for me. I may not see what the future is but I must hold on to the Word of God, which the adversary tries to make me doubt, be angry and bitter against Him. That I can not do, for then the very same clergy killers have won and I can not allow them to take away my spirit. Once again, thank you for the post, it has been a new confirmation for me.

  11. Martha Mahlalela

    I need prayers I’m in a proses of leaving my church,I don no wether I’m greed or not ,I help my pastor to open the church,buying the chairs,TV,cameras and today I’m no longer nothing,,because I skip 5 months without contributing for partnership ,,now I’m excluded on church activities ,,I feel betrayed ,
    God help me to meet the people I need them and they need me,,,,

    It’s hard for me to worship God with heart full of sorrow,and I don’t want these to put a wall between me and my savior JESUS Christ

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