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The very nature of this web site changed in 2012. We had to sell the retreat ranch, and we have found the North American church cares little about the loss of pastors that is occurring at a rate of 1,000 a month in North America. Kathy and I spent our life savings helping burned out and wounded pastors. When we ran out of funds, we sold the retreat. I now live in a senior’s apartment and have no place for the wounded to be loved and treated. Churches that sent their pastors to us have not supported us, and most pastors that came to our retreat ranch have not helped support the ministry either. To the tiny few who have, God bless you mightily! You are very different believers than the rest of the modern church.

We are leaving this web site up because it contains all kinds of good information and encouragement for the burned out and wounded. We no longer have retreats. We no longer do telephone counseling. I am still willing to come and teach the church staff how to avoid burnout.

We believe Jesus is deeply disappointed with the church’s lack of action to help its own wounded on the side of the road. Was there a reason Jesus picked two religious people to walk past the wounded man on the road to Jericho? Was there a reason why he chose an outsider – a Samaritan – to be the one who helped the helpless in the ditch?

Some leaders are terminated for just cause, some burnout. Both are often cast aside along the road to Jericho with no help or hope unless a Samaritan comes along and treats their wounds.

Ashes to Flames: Spiritual Burnout and Recovery Ashes to Flames is a great book for any weary believer. Kim and Kathy walk you through the whole story of burn-out and PTSD. You are not alone! Thousands of leaders and church members alike are disillusioned and wounded, yet there are answers and recovery. Order your copy today, or one for a hurting friend – from

Faith on the Rock Faith on the Rock is a fun book when you need a break from the stress of surviving life! Through the vehicle of inductive storytelling, Kim takes you, the reader, on a Colorado rock climb up a 1,000 foot granite wall – and you fall off! The age old battle in the human heart between faith and fear rages in this book. Who knows, you the reader may even survive the climb! Great book for your teen son to read. Order from